Sege Danışmanlık Ticaret Ltd. Şti

We, SeGe IP Consultancy, are an devoted trademark-patent consultancy firm, authorized by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and founded on over a decade of experience of our partners in IP law, offering consultancy services in administrative and judicial cases; our references and clients vary from prominent industrial organizations to Turkish universities.

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For our clients who are just starting with their branding phase, or for more experienced clients with their trademark portfolio and looking to add value, we offer our services ranging from trademark research and logo design, trademark classification, trademark application, writing oppositions and appeals, and lastly, trademark registration.


With the option to examine your invention on-site, we can provide you with a wide range of services, from the evaluation of your invention notification form, to patent preliminary research and reporting, from research and examination requests to patent validation, to the national phase with our international solution partners.


We provide both consultancy and legal services in all your cases at the Courts of Intellectual and Industrial Rights. We have services in filing a lawsuit to ensure your rights, preventing your loss of rights by preparing an effective defense in cases filed against you, managing litigation processes and resolving these processes.


We provide services for your designs from preliminary research to the registration stage, and we prepare petitions that will protect your rights in the best way in case of ex-officio refusals and oppositions to your design publication.

Competitor Analysis-Monitoring

We have bulletin tracking and analysis services so that you do not fall behind in the branding race, where competition, which is indispensable for trade, is reflected. In addition, with our trademark monitoring service, we can monitor the trademark bulletins in the fastest and most effective way so that you can protect your trademark's distinctiveness for years.


Our Industrial Property Consultancy is available not only in the administrative field, but also in the legal field, and we offer you services from sending cease and desist letters to requesting determination by filing to Courts, from filing a criminal complaint to filing a lawsuit.


We are at your side in the preparation and evaluation of protocols in the field of Industrial Property Law, providing legal interpretation, Coexistence Agreements, License Agreements, etc., in the establishment of all contracts that your company may need in the field of Industrial Property.

Geographical Indications

With your geographic indication applications, we follow every step from product group determination to registration in order to protect our values and work to secure your rights in the best way possible.


We are with you at every stage of your branding to add value to your ideas and your company. We can provide services to you in finding the right trademark, designing logos, making your existing signs and logos more effective both legally and commercially.

Legal Opininon- Technical Report

We are able to prepare technical reports to inform and support you about the necessity of litigation and the chance of success in the light of our experience of more than ten years, years of precedent and case law.

Domain Name

We offer our services in every step of your domain name application, namely, consultancy, domain name renewal, necessary administrative and legal correspondence in domain name disputes, domain name blocking in cooperation with the ESB and courts, filing your domain name objections to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

International Matters

We provide services for trademark applications before WIPO, EUPO, national trademark applications abroad, international trademark appeals and other proceedings, as well as cooperating with international patent attorneys in WIPO, PCT and EUPO applications and national phases, receiving offers and managing your processes in multiple countries. We also support the WIPO Hague Application and national design applications and we can undertake the management of foreign administrative and judicial processes in all your Industrial Property disputes.


In order to ensure that every unit of your company plays an active role in your branding and to make it effective, we have trainings on Industrial Rights, and sectoral trainings can be held in cooperation with your trademark department within your company or with other departments of your company. We offer both preventive and development-oriented trainings and tips on litigation processes and your legal rights in the field of Industrial Property.

Measures Against Counterfeit

We provide legal assistance in case your industrial property rights are infringed via counterfeit in Turkey or abroad. We provide national and international support at both administrative and legal stages, with legal research on legal issues and obtaining evidence on concrete case, including the Turkish Trade Registry Records.